Ep. 11 – 8 Simple Rules for Killing Off a Sitcom Character

THE CONNORS recently debuted on ABC, a Roseanne-less spinoff of Roseanne. Her character was killed off, but the show moves forward, with the family coping with their loss. In this episode, I discuss how the series 8 SIMPLE RULES did something similar in 2003, when its star, John Ritter, passed away, and how I viewed that show in light of losing my own dad the year before.

Ep. 10 – Being a Special Needs Dad, and Helping Others on That Journey

This week, I’m excited to have a conversation with one of my oldest childhood friends, Adam Funkhouser. Adam is the dad of two young boys on the autism spectrum. We talk about a wide range of topics, including his family getting that first diagnosis, and his becoming involved in a local support group – first as a skeptic, and then as someone helping others new to the group.

Adam and his family reside in Evansville, Indiana, and are involved in Autism Evansville. You can learn more about the organization and find support at AutismEvansville.Org. The website also has other resources for those who live elsewhere.

Visit or contact Dad to the Future at dadtothefuture.com, dadtothefuture@gmail.com, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – @dadtothefuture

Ep. 8 – Teaching Kids about Bodily Autonomy

The hearings about Brett Kavanaugh and the sexual assault allegations against him have dominated the news this last week. In this episode, I discuss how I think about this story in regards to my son, and how his mom and I are working to teach about the concepts of bodily autonomy from a young age.

I reference the book, “Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Bringing Home a New Message about Sex, Love and Equality” by Bonnie J. Rough. I’m only a few chapters in, but I can already highly recommend it.

Ep. 7 – Living with “Resting Angry Biker Face” as a Dad

This week, I have a conversation with Alan Hawkins, Seattle husband, father of two daughters and stand up comedian. We talk about how he uses Twitter to hone his jokes, living with what he calls “resting angry biker face”, and how he trolls well-meaning but overbearing strangers who give unsolicited parenting advice.

You can check one of Alan’s stand up sets on Youtube.

A Visit to the Park

Dear Son,

It was a guys’ night tonight. Your mom took herself out to see a movie  (Fahrenheit 11/9 – I’m sure we’ll watch it together someday, and hopefully it’ll be merely a cautionary tale of a strange blip in American history), and I picked you up from daycare. Instead of going straight home, I took you to Indian Boundary Park in Chicago, about a mile north from where we lived at the time.

It was chilly, and you were a bit underdressed, but you didn’t seem to mind. You loved being pushed in the swing, and was upset when we had to leave to come home.

We had a quiet night at home, and when it was time to go to bed, you were ready to jump in your crib to “read” your books you have in there with you. You “read” and sang to yourself for a half-hour before finally giving in to sleep.

I’m still in awe how much you grow day by day, little by little. There’s a lot weighing on my mind right now, a lot of it has to do with what’s happening politically and culturally in our country right now, but you and your mom and Jessica Jones are the silveriest of the silver linings in it all.

Love you, kid.